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Renaud Lavillenie, always a winner - A Call for Civility (in ENGLISH)

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Dear Renaud Lavillenie,

I write this message and maybe you might read it.
I am honored and happy to receive you in the land where I was born. An athlete is an inspiration for many of us and for many around the nations.
I have no words to describe the social injustice I felt when I saw the news and the hurtful act which you were exposed to.
I write this message as I could say to you, "I am sorry".
I am sorry for people's unacceptable reaction, right from a place that happens to be my homeland.
I am sorry you were humiliated in an Olympic podium. 
I am sorry you keep this memory as a part of your journey, not only as an athlete, but as a person.
I had to write it in a public page.
And I write this message and maybe you might read it. You are always a winner.

a Brazilian girl

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The massive and heartless act against Renaud Lavillenie (he was booed by the audience), that happened for two consecutive nights during the Olympics in Brazil, which made him be found in tears, is incredibly terrible, as other similar reactions from the crowds against other athletes.

I am sad to realize I was born in a nation where a person or a group would be considered less for being the "opposition".
A nation where people would be united to devastate someone else.
I am sad to see this country in the 103rd position for Most Peaceful Country in the World 2015 (according to IEP - Institute for Economics and Peace - Global Finance online) and 36th position for Most Civilized Cities in the world (according to thetoptens.com).

Being civilized means to be polite and well-mannered. It doesn't mean to dress better or eat with elegance.
In its core, it means to care for others.

I feel an aching beat in my heart that makes me want to say "I am sorry" to everyone who received that treatment.
It doesn't matter where you are from, which language you speak, if you have rivers of money or a cent, it doesn't matter the color of your skin and how presentable you and your performance are.

We are all humans.

Shall not forget what that means.
Shall not forget we are not buildings or a timeline or accomplishments.

Being human means being the most desirable creation.
It means to be cherished by the Living God, who happens to be the creator of all things and everyone.
It means Consideration exceeds Instinct. Care overcomes Barriers.
Human kind is the one who can purposely show affection to any other species, even to the ones who will never intellectually understand it, as the fauna and flora.

Brazilian athletes completed many games and inspired us. Heartwarming stories, from poverty and humble lives. Stories of hard working people.
The inspiration is not because of the positions they held on the podium. It is because of their stories of overcoming the odds, the challenges and the obstacles.
People like a 'judoka', a pole vaulter and a boxer who founded an Organization to encourage children in his hometown.

No medal is better than a life.

Let us use our voices to built up, not to tear down.
Let us use our eyes to give looks of hope, not contempt.
Move our bodies for the sake of all creation.
Feel in our hearts the desire to be citizens of the world.

"Tomorrow is a new day for everyone
...Cherish this moment, Cherish this breath.
...When you feel life coming down on you, like a heavy weight.
When you feel this crazy society, adding to the strain.
Take a stroll to the nearest waters a
nd remember your place.
Many moons have risen and fallen long, long before you came."
Follow the Sun - Xavier Rudd

By Thália Mendler

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